Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alex Presley Vs Jose Tabata

The Pirates have been faced with a setback after their left fielder Jose Tabata was injured in a game. He was injured in a game with the Boston Red Sox in which the Pirates lost. Tabata had to be carried out of the field in a cart but MLB rumors reveal that the injury may not be very serious and as such he would get back in the game in no time. His fans everywhere wish him good luck and they hope that he will get better soon enough.

Connected to Tabata’s injury, is Alex Presley. Reports say that Presley may have just gained from tabata’s injury. There are rumors that while Tabata was still lying on the ground, Presley was actually picked from a line up as a precaution incase Tabata did not get up. As such Tabata’s injury should translate into new outfield starts for Presley once he is called up from the minors. Some of the game critics may say that this would have seemed sort of unfair to Tabata but the team officials countered the critics remarks by saying that they had already planned to promote Presley for the start of a three game interleague series in Toronto. Some reporters where taking pictures near a casino.

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