Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Psychology Of Goals

I am sure I am not the first person who comes up with what I am about to say right now, there is a great resemblance between soccer goals and life goals, when I say life goals I mean what a person aims for in their personal life and would like to achieve it, some compared goals to sex, it's no wonder there is so much excitement due to a goal during a game, there is a satisfaction that it is achieved even when it has nothing to do with a fans personal life, the unconscious gives out a signal "achieved" or "you did it", it is also action so it's no wonder it's so exciting.



people that don't know what they are looking for in life and what to do with themselves should start playing soccer, comparing the net to a "goal" even if they are not sure if that is what they want, the need to aim - that represents the direction, the ball should be compared to the person and his or her motivation.

Goal - Pele

38 seconds all dedicated to Pele, although this video is not in English it's understandable....


The Greatest Goals In Football History

Great goals cause so much excitement, girlfriends and wives of football fans keep complaining that nothing excites them until they see their favorite kick a winning goal, even if the other team kicks a goal there is negative energy of excitement, football fans - please tell your family you love them and buy them chocolates.

Cute Touchdown Dance

Watch this cute 12 second video of a touchdown dance, pretty hilarious but no hint of too much excitement...


Dominique Wilkins Vs Michael Jordan - NBA

Watch some NBA footage, an exciting slamdunk contest, more than 13 million excited viewers of this video...

Great HomeRun - Wow - Adam Dunn

Watch this exciting video of a homerun - Adam Dunn, very exciting.This video was made high quality exactly like HD..... 

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